Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Swimmer

We have been trying to go swimming as much as we can this summer and Logan is loving every bit of it! Let me tell you my son is a water baby, he definitely is Bobby's boy....from day one when we brought him in at 2 months old he has never feared it and now he is two and tries to scare the bigebees out of mommy. It is just a giant bathtub to him. He jumps into the pool from the side with no one to catch him and he like to dunk himself underwater. He also is pretty good at swimming with the floaties. He is catching the drift of how to swim underwater (Its pretty cute!). Anyways we have all had a blast hangin in the pool....not to mention a bit of a tan. Here is some funny video and pictures of Logan enjoying some water time!

I'm definitely getting him swimming lessons soon. the boy is an animal!!!! No fear! I better watch out by the time he is five he'll be doing back flips into the pool!!!!

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