Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our 2nd little lovebug is here!

Well here he is.....the long awaited Cael William Pollard!


Date: June 22, 2010

Time: 1:38pm

Weight: 9lbs 5 oz! I know shocker(Logan was only 7lbs 9 oz!)

Height: 19 1/2 inches

Well his journey was quite interesting. So here it is.....

My original due date in the very beginning was June 21st, but after a later ultrasound the doctor changed my due date to June 14th, a week ahead. So it remained that date all the way up until June 14th (in which Cael had not come yet)when my doctor checked me and said "Yep, I'm thinking that the original date was your due date, so we'll wait another week and make an appointment on the 21st, if he is not here then we can induce the next day..." Yes I was a little heartbroken that I had to wait another week for our little guy to come, but what can you do.

So, a week goes by and no Cael, I'm 2cm dialated, so the doctor schedules me for induction the next morning at 6am. Bobby and I get there and its nice and quiet. They don't actually give me the pitocin until 7:30 that morning. Once they do that here comes the waiting game! So about 11 comes rolling around and I am feeling the contractions so I get an epidural (lifesaver!!!!). The nurse checks me and I am only dialated 4cm. So we continue to wait at about 12:30 I notice that I am feeling some pressure down there even with my epidural. So I tell the nurse and she checks me. I am 9cm dialated!!! In just an hour and a half and then by 1 I was the full 10cm and Cael's head was practically pushing its way out. They had just finished preparing for a c-section and had to postpone it temporarily because I dialated a lot faster than they thought. So I begin pushing at 1:15pm and I can not feel a thing! My epidural didn't have enough time to go down so I just started pushing without any feeling! At 1:38pm he came! And I didn't even feel it!! All of a sudden the doc just layed this baby on me and I was done! Talk about easy labor! The nurses took him over to the warming station and started getting him all clean. The nurse asked the doc how big he thought the baby was and he said maybe about 8lbs 5oz...she said guess again a whopping 9lbs 5 oz!!! He was their biggest baby of the day!!! They were shocked that such a big baby came out of me!

He is such a good and chill baby! We are all so excited he is here....especially Logan! He always wants to hold him and every once and a while he will come over without us telling him to and kiss Cael and say "I Love you, Cael" It is the cutest thing ever! We couldn't be happier!