Thursday, August 13, 2009

Corriganville Hike

We have been trying every week to take Logan on hikes. It has been really refreshing and relaxing as well as a work out because half of the time towards the end Logan gets tired and either Bobby or I has to carry him. Logan loves being out doors and it seems that every stick and rock that he finds is something so cool to him. So on this particular hike Logan saw a drinking fountain that still had a pool of water in it so he runs over to it and we see him stop. All of a sudden he comes running over crying and we look and he has a big stinger in his finger! He had seen these bees and tried to grab one! Crazy kid! So we pulled the stinger out and what do you know 5 seconds later he doesn't even remember what happened. He took the pain like a little man. Mommy however through the rest of the hike had to ask him if he was ok!!! We enjoy the time that we get to spend together it really is nice to be out in the beautiful surroundings. It makes you appreciate the things Heavenly Father has created so much more.

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