Monday, October 19, 2009

Exciting Updates!

So it has been awhile since I have last posted anything. So much has happened. Bobby a few months ago got a job with the City of Pasadena in the Department of Water and Power. Its is so great. THe pay is awesome, benefits are awesome, every other friday off is awesome and so much more. He is also working so hard to get a promotion as an apprentice in the next year. He is getting his A license and taking climbing school and will be taking classes. He is so amazing. Logan and I are so blessed! I'm not working full time anymore and I've cut my hours back to part time which has been great and with our exciting news I will eventually be cuttin all my hours!!! Yep We ARE EXPECTING!!!! Yes we have a little bun in the oven. We are so excited!!!! THe baby couldn't come at a better time! Logan is so excited he likes to walk around saying "Logan is the big brother" it is too cute!!! Here is what some think the babies gender:
Bobby: Boy
Ashley: Girl
Mom (Karen): Girl
Kellyn: Girl
Nathan: Boy
Bradley: Girl
So what do you think it will be???????

Disney...Mickey Mouse!!!

A few weeks ago my Mom bought tickets for all of us to go and see the Disney Live show!!! Logan loved it because it had woody, buzz, jesse, tigger, mickey and donald who are some of his favorite characters. It was a lot of fun and Logan and Kierra were dancing all over the place. And now everytime logan sees a stage he says "Mickey's coming," I then feel bad and have to disappoint him by telling him that Mickey's not here today!!! He then responds "See Mickey tomorrow!" So now Logan is all hyped up on Mickey Mouse. And this saturday for Diane's birthday we are taking her to Disneyland and Logan cannot wait. He keeps saying "Go to Disneyland?", "See Mickey?" It is the cutest thing. Diane has been gone for 6 weeks so it will be fun to go and spend time there. I know logan will love it. So we went to WalMart and Logan saw the Mickey Mouse hoodie that he has on. He had to get it and when we got home he had to watch mickey mouse club house. He is a funny kid!!

Relaxing evening on the Beach!

This beach trip we was a random one. We had a spontaneous moment after church one day and decided to go out to the beach and just sit and enjoy it. Logan loved it and found all the sticks and shells you could find. He also climbed all three ladders on the lifeguard towers. We sat pretty close to the water and a few times the water came pretty close! All in all it was a very peaceful and relaxing evening.

Counter top eatin!

Logan's new favorite thing to do is to eat his food on the counter top.....Why, I don't know? Funny kid......

He He He

Yep thats my kid!!!! The windows were rolled down...and we were by the beach...and listening to daddys rock music....He loved it!

Beach Days

Since bobby gets every other friday off he goes surfing on that friday or if he doesn't have it off he goes on Saturdays and occassionally logan and I will tag along and play at the beach...

The waves weren't too great but my awesome hubby still caught a few waves....However I am not the greatest at taking pictures!!!

Logan had fun building sand castles with mommy...

He also enjoyed throwing the sand....

Walkin daddy to the surf....

Anxious to get out on the beach!!! Like father like son!!!

Santa Barbara Zoo

A Few weeks ago Bobby and I took Logan and our neice Kierra to the Santa Barbara zoo. They had a blast. It is so beautiful up there and the weather is awesome. Here are some pics below.....

They loved looking at the snakes....

Always running, and running and running

I know so photogenic!! he he

Looking at the condors and eagles.....

Walking in line to ride the train that circles the excited!

They had music in the waiting line and Logan and Kierra decided they would dance for everyone!

Look at those moves.....

Isn't it wonderful....from the zoo you get a wonderful view of the beach!

Bobby and Logans favorite animal just chillin.....

Again running and running!!!

All in all a fun filled day!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Corriganville Hike

We have been trying every week to take Logan on hikes. It has been really refreshing and relaxing as well as a work out because half of the time towards the end Logan gets tired and either Bobby or I has to carry him. Logan loves being out doors and it seems that every stick and rock that he finds is something so cool to him. So on this particular hike Logan saw a drinking fountain that still had a pool of water in it so he runs over to it and we see him stop. All of a sudden he comes running over crying and we look and he has a big stinger in his finger! He had seen these bees and tried to grab one! Crazy kid! So we pulled the stinger out and what do you know 5 seconds later he doesn't even remember what happened. He took the pain like a little man. Mommy however through the rest of the hike had to ask him if he was ok!!! We enjoy the time that we get to spend together it really is nice to be out in the beautiful surroundings. It makes you appreciate the things Heavenly Father has created so much more.

Potty Training!!!!

So I have started potty training Logan, I thought it would be a rough time.....but surprisingly he is catching on really well and actually enjoys it! He has only had an accident a few times!!! At our home we have a Cars potty that goes on the toilet and he loves it, we also have a little stool that bobby made that sits in front of the toilet so he can step up. His first pee pee in the potty experience though happened at my mom's house. My sister Kellyn got a little potty for her daughter Kierra. It does all the fun stuff like makes a flush noise and sings when you pee in the potty. Well we had just gone swimming and I took Logan's shorts off (for all of you who don't know Logan thinks it is hilarious to purposely get himself to pee on the floor) so in his attempts i rushed him into the bathroom and he proceed to go to the little potty and squat facing the back of the potty (not sitting but squatting) and peeing like any other boy would pee! It was the funniest thing ever! Where did he learn that!!! Anyways it has been going well and he now know when he has to go he yells "Mommy (or Daddy) PEE PEE IN THE POTTY!" Oh its quit hilarious. Here is a funny picture I took of him in his little boy undies (not panties as I seem to keep calling them and my husband corrects me!) Hes got all the pixar movies covered when it comes to the undies.

Haircut Time!

So for all of you who know Logan you know that he has been terrified of buzzers and that is why this is his first time getting a real haircut at a shop. Normally he screams bloody murder! But this time no terridactile scream! He sat through the whole thing with at the most a wimper of "All done, get down." I think that the many toys helped distract him and also having a grandma there! Aunt Shannon's mother Debbie was so kind to fit us in and give Logan such a cute haircut!! When Logan looks in the mirror he now says "Cool Dude!"


Feeding the Ducks with Grandma

Logan always enjoys going out to the park. And on this outing he got to go with his mommy and Grandma Diane. Diane had this extra bread so we went to the duck park and got rid of it all. It was a duck dream! Logan's favorite thing to do was to scare the ducks. He liked chasing them and then them flying away. He also kept trying to get the geese to eat out of his hand. Let me tell you those geese are not nice. They would get mad and hiss at him and every once and a while would snap at him. My little man is a ladies man that is for sure. He made friends with this cute little girl and kept telling her to "Feed the ducks!" So together they tossed some bread to the ducks. Not even 16 yet! What am I going to do!!! All in all it was a wonderful time!