Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeding the Ducks with Grandma

Logan always enjoys going out to the park. And on this outing he got to go with his mommy and Grandma Diane. Diane had this extra bread so we went to the duck park and got rid of it all. It was a duck dream! Logan's favorite thing to do was to scare the ducks. He liked chasing them and then them flying away. He also kept trying to get the geese to eat out of his hand. Let me tell you those geese are not nice. They would get mad and hiss at him and every once and a while would snap at him. My little man is a ladies man that is for sure. He made friends with this cute little girl and kept telling her to "Feed the ducks!" So together they tossed some bread to the ducks. Not even 16 yet! What am I going to do!!! All in all it was a wonderful time!

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