Friday, December 17, 2010

My Boys

Oh....My Boys...This is what I live for!!!! Love them!


Getting into the Spirit!

We have been making a storm of cookies and fudge and goodies. The boys have been enjoying the fun! As you can see in the pictures! Logan enjoyed pouring all the sprinkles in the bottle out onto the cookies as you can see the snowman cookie had no chance! Also getting into the spirit of christmas....logan had his Christmas program and party at preschool it was sooooo cute...and of course I forgot my camera!! The kids sang all sorts of Christmas songs and to make things politically correct also sang Hannuaka and kwanza songs!!! They also did a gift exchange and had made hand print ornaments that they painted and put their pictures was too cute!!! Now I know why Logan was singing Christmas, Kwanza, and Hannauka songs all week!!


Baby Cael

Cael is getting so big so fast....he is almost 6 months old!!! AAHH!!! He goos and gaas all day long and has started saying dada...he rolls all over the place and is on the verge of crawling...right now he scoots backwards (not quite the gimp crawl like logan!) He can sit up on his own and grabs everything and then puts it in his mouth. He loves his brother Logan and when ever he hears his voice he starts smiling! Its too cute! I took him to the doctors and his stats were:

Height: 26 inches
Head: not sure but the nurse said that it was big! (like his brother!)
Weight: 19lbs (my big boy!)


Temple Lights

So last weekend we went to the L.A. Temple Lights after a birthday dinner for my little brother Bradley who turned the big 18! Whoot Whoot! We went with my family and Bobby's was a fun time and the lights were beautiful as usual! It was Cael's first trip and of course he fell asleep and didn't wake up until we went in to see the new visitor's center....Logan and his cousin Kierra were all over the place and had a blast!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Portraits!

I finally decided it was about time that we get some family pictures here they are....Logan is Mr. Photogenic and even though Cael didn't want to smile (surprise!) he still looks darn cute!