Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moma's hair cut adventure part 2!

So here it is the infamous hair cut! i was nervous at first but the girl who cut my hair did a good job.....It grew on me and now i really like it....My husband loves it so I guess thats a good thing....and now logan can't pull on it! Yeah and it only takes me half the time that it did before to fix it!!! Yeah

Thomas and Friends!

So last Saturday my friend Crystal got four tickets to go see Thomas and Friends logan and I went with her and her little boy Andrew.....the boys loved it....Andrew would start to shake everytime Thomas came out....and Logan would dance and sing and say choo choo......but i guess all good things can't last because in the second half of the show logan decided he didn't want to sit still anymore and proceeded to scream and cry and throw his pacifier about four seats up!!!ah ah It was still a lot of fun and the boys got a kick out of it!

Video game prodigy!

So as you can see logan has mastered the are of video game playing! Courtesy of his dad and uncles! he has learned how to use the controllers correctly while looking at the tv! funny!


So it was a wonderful anniversary...when I arrived home from work my wonderful husband surprised me with these beautiful flowers.....and logan with help from his grandma pollard got us a balloon a card and apple cider and some glasses....and then bobby took me to the restaurant dukes which by the way is delicious!!! and is right on the was wonderful!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3 Years!!!

We'll tomorrow is mine and Bobby's 3 year anniversary! I can't believe how fast it has gone. When I sit back and think I really have been blessed! My husband is so hard working and does so much for our family! He definitely is my rock! He is loving and caring and understanding even when I can be a brat! Growing up without the Priesthood in my home really makes me thankful and value it so much.....I am so grateful that my husband makes himself worthy to carry it. I am greatful for him taking me into the temple to be sealed as husband and wife and allowing our children to be born unto the covenant...It is such a blessing. I am greatful for bobby helping me with having our son and raising him with good values. Logan has such a sweet and caring spirit just like his father. Most of all I'm am grateful for the person he helps me to be...a better mother, wife, friend and daughter of our Heavenly father...I love you Bobby! Thank you for being a wonderful husband and Father. You make me a better person. Happy Anniversary!!!!