Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Only a matter of Time!

Well at approximately 5:30pm yesterday afternoon, my oldest son Logan decided that he wanted to jump from couch to couch. Little did he know that this would result in a trip and a fall head first off of the top of our leather chair right onto the ground. Luckily he didn't land on his head but unfortunately broke that fall with his left arm and as a result broke both the radius and the ulna bones in his forearm causing for his forearm to literally bend sideways! Let me tell you it was not pretty and I think mommy was more worried than Logan was! He didn't even cry and was holding his little bent arm as we drove to the hospital. Once we got there we went in and they did I.V. and x-rays and then he fell asleep for the next hour and a half while we waited for the procedure to be done. Yes, I said procedure! They had to put Logan out. So they had us stay with him until they put him under. It was so quick, it literally took 30 sec for the anesthetics to kick in. It burned and he started to cry and then he was out! So while we left, they set his arm back into place and splinted it up. When we came back in and he was just waking up and the first thing he says to us is "So since I was so brave I get an orange soda and phineas and ferb toys" It was hilarious. Our little trooper didn't even let it phase him! He is so tough!

The next day we went to see the orthopedic and he said that since both broken bones were broken upwards and they were not broken all the way, since the E.R. doctor set the bone very well and the fact that he was so healthy he wasn't going to have to have surgery! Thank goodness! So he just had to get a full arm cast and has to have it on for 3 weeks! Talk about a bad situation turning out slightly better! So here is his cast picture...as you can see he chose red because it looked like blood! he he