Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Only a matter of Time!

Well at approximately 5:30pm yesterday afternoon, my oldest son Logan decided that he wanted to jump from couch to couch. Little did he know that this would result in a trip and a fall head first off of the top of our leather chair right onto the ground. Luckily he didn't land on his head but unfortunately broke that fall with his left arm and as a result broke both the radius and the ulna bones in his forearm causing for his forearm to literally bend sideways! Let me tell you it was not pretty and I think mommy was more worried than Logan was! He didn't even cry and was holding his little bent arm as we drove to the hospital. Once we got there we went in and they did I.V. and x-rays and then he fell asleep for the next hour and a half while we waited for the procedure to be done. Yes, I said procedure! They had to put Logan out. So they had us stay with him until they put him under. It was so quick, it literally took 30 sec for the anesthetics to kick in. It burned and he started to cry and then he was out! So while we left, they set his arm back into place and splinted it up. When we came back in and he was just waking up and the first thing he says to us is "So since I was so brave I get an orange soda and phineas and ferb toys" It was hilarious. Our little trooper didn't even let it phase him! He is so tough!

The next day we went to see the orthopedic and he said that since both broken bones were broken upwards and they were not broken all the way, since the E.R. doctor set the bone very well and the fact that he was so healthy he wasn't going to have to have surgery! Thank goodness! So he just had to get a full arm cast and has to have it on for 3 weeks! Talk about a bad situation turning out slightly better! So here is his cast picture...as you can see he chose red because it looked like blood! he he


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yes...Finally a new post! he he

Well it's been awhile! We have been so busy that I have not found a moment to sit down and blog about it! So finally with this short breather....here it is!

We've had weddings, beach days, hikes, playing with cousins, birthdays and so much more.... it was a fun summer and we are excited for fall and hopefully I will be a lot better about posting!

My cousin Diana got married in June of this year. It was a beautiful wedding. They were married in the L.A. Temple and we were able to get some fun, quirky pics of the family. It was a long day for Cael and Logan, but boy did they look cute! Also, for her wedding I had made cupcakes. I'll have to post pics later but they were a hit and were totally cute!

We went to Disneyland and then to the Aquarium of the Pacific with my Mom, Brother's, Bradley's girlfriend Alix and Kierra. It was a lot of fun. The kids of course had a blast on all of the rides. And at the Aquarium Cael just loved all the fish. When we went into the bird cage we got some of the nectar to carry and they birds swarmed us like crazy! My brother bradley had like six birds on him at once. Bobby also had a bunch follow him! But let me tell you I was terrified in there....those birds like to dive bomb right by your head! I thought for sure one was gonna get me! It was a fun time and since then we have been back to Disneyland several times in which some of Logan's accomplishments are Space Mountain, Star Tours, Goofy's sky school, Splash Mountain and the Tower of Terror. All of which he claims to like! We'll see if we can get him to go on again. I'll post more pics from that day...ride pics and all!

We have been hiking so much. We really enjoy it. We would do corriganville a bunch and decided to broaden our areas to hike. So we ventured over to a hiking spot in T.O. at the end of Avenida de los Arboles. It is beautiful, and at the end there is a waterfall and through the walk you cross over several small rivers. Although it is like a 3 mile hike the end makes it worth it! We were so proud of Logan because he walked the entire thing and didn't complain once!

We have also been making trips to different kids places and museums. Here are some pics from when we went to the Science Center down in L.A. The boys had a blast with all the different things to do. It doesn't hurt that its free either!

We have had fun doing different activities with Taylor, Corrine and Nikki and on the occasion Grandma Pollard. Here are some pics when we went to the Skirball Museum to see the Noah's Ark exhibit, which is totally neat and a definite must see (Thanks Aunt Nikki!). Also we went to Ventura beach and the Ventura Harbor where the kids rode the merry go round, had ice cream and took pictures in the picture boards. Aren't they cute!

Our littlest baby brother also graduate in June. We attended that and go a great pic of all of us together!

Logan also did T-ball class. He enjoyed it a lot. I think that we may have a sports kid on our hands...like mommy and daddy!

We also had birthdays! Logan turned four all the way back in April....yes all the way back then! He had a pirate themed birthday in which the kids jumped and played in the bouncy island, decorated there pirate flags, wore bandanas, hunted for the pirate treasure and all got wooded swords and pistols (yes, pistols..ha ha) courtesy of Grandpa Pollard. It was a fun time and Logan got a lot of wonderful presents! He has already started preparing me for his next birthday party!

Cael turned 1 in June. We had a small party for him with just family. We ate some BBQ, had some cake and went swimming. Cael was a little unsure of all the attention and when we put the cake in front of him proceeded to wail and scream! Finally he stared diggin into the cake! He got a lot of wonderful presents and looked so darn cute in that party hat!

Well this summer we did a lot of beach trips. It could possibly be because I have a husband who is a surfer but we also just love to hang out! The boys love it and enjoy the water. In this particular trip Logan was running through the water and fell just as a wave came and went over his head and he got up soaked and laughing! I love the pic of bobby and logan...surfer in training!!

Here are the many faces of Cael! He is such a funny kid! He is super energetic and will do what he has to, to get what he wants. He has an infectious smile and giggle. And those deep, big blue eyes are just too cute to say no to! He also loves to put sunglasses on and copy his gorgeous, sweet older brother. He is a water baby just like his brother and is discovering new things everyday!

I had to post these pics cuz these kids are crazy! I took these as they were jumping on Ma and Pa's bed! What a bunch of wackos!

These pics are from 4th of July. We went swimming during the day at my mom's and had a BBQ. Bobby's parents and his Uncle Jeff, Aunt Char and their kids Bella, Bennett and Ruby came over to play too. After a few fireworks of our own, we all headed over to the church to hang out and enjoyed the huge fireworks that the parks and rec put off right behind the church. Talk about front row seat! It was Cael's first time and he loved it just as much as Logan! It was a good time and we enjoyed hanging out with family!

Here are just some miscellaneous pics that I randomly threw together of all of us. I have a bunch of goof ball boys who like to do some funny things! So far this year we have had a last together and look forward to much more!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Disneyland fun!

We have been up to lots....We have Disneyland season passes so we are going all the time. You cant tell because i only have a few pics posted but i figure i have a year to get as many as i would like!!! The boys have so much fun! Also below are some other random pics!

Both boys pooped at the end of a long disney day!

Cael in line for Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage...

Daddy and Logan in line for the Materhorn....

And now some random pics!