Friday, September 26, 2008

Scene Stealer

So I was looking at the video we have of Logan and they are all so cute and funny..He is a funny kid! I would have to say although I love all of them these are my favorites!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Say Cheese!

Logan is a pacifier boy so every once and awhile we let him have one.....well I couldn't seem to find any of his regular ones and it just so happens that the one I could find was the funniest one!!! Compliments of his Grandpa Pollard!!!

"A Mighty Fortress"

Daddy and Logan decided to make
a fort....too bad Logan's idea of fun
with a fort is to jump off the couch
onto the blankets and crush the
fort and daddy while he is still
underneath it...They had a lot of fun!

Little Monkey!

Logan is our little stinker!!! He climbs on everything now...from really high chairs to table tops...the kid is a monkey!!! And he just gets a kick out of it! His favorite thing to do is to climb on chairs and benches and sit on them like big people do!

Day at the Beach

Hello last blog got a little messed up so I had to start a new one so here it is......These are the pics of the first time we took Logan to the beach..yes I know I can't believe we are just now taking him! He loved it though right from when we opened the door he scream for joy...for those of you who don't know logan would live in the water if he could! But one thing he didn't like was the sand getting his feet all dirty because as we know he hates when his hands get dirty!