Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No work all Play!

Last Thursday Bobby and I decided to just take the day off and take Logan up to the Santa Barbara zoo. It was so much fun and Logan had a blast seeing all the animals. He is definitely an outdoors kid. Its pretty funny because Logan loves the movie Madagascar 2 in which the lions name is Alex, the zebra's name is Marty, the giraffes name if Melman and the penguins name is Skipper. So every time we got to one of those animals he would yell the name Alex, or Melman. It was pretty funny! The elephants smelled pretty bad so every time we would go by them Logan would cry "Nose, Nose", he didn't like it either. But by far his favorite was the Lions or Alex. He didn't want to leave them. But his daddy's favorite was the Gorillas, let me tell you those things are quite scary and they were very active when we were there. They kept running as hard as they could and slamming into the door where the zoo crew comes in. And then they would proceed to pace and stare at the spectators above. It was funny but yet quite creepy! But all in all it was wonderful to spend time together. We also on the way home were able to stop and visit my aunt Lisa, which was very nice to see her. It was a good day!

Happy Fathers Day!

Well its a belated fathers day post. That morning I let Bobby sleep in and let logan go in and wake him up. He woke up to a super clean home and some good smelling breakfast. He is such a wonderful father and he teaches Logan so many things. He is by far Logan's favorite person and he loves spending time with him. He is always there for us and supports our family to the fullest. We are so grateful to have him in our lives. We love you Bobby/Daddy!!!

A little Bit of Dirty Dancing!

A few weeks ago, Diane took me, Bobby's grandma, Aunt Shannon and my mom to go see Dirty Dancing. I hadn't seen the movie in a long time so I couldn't really remember what went on in it. I do though remember the song (which I never really liked very much....some could say I despise it) But I am happy to say I really enjoyed the show. If you are up for some sultry, hot and spicy dancing I definitely recommend. We had a lot of fun...just the girls...We also went to the famous Mel's dinner downtown...it has been around for many years. They had some good food. But most of all we really enjoyed eachothers company. Thanks Diane!!!