Thursday, August 5, 2010

My funny Boys!

These are the many faces of Cael. Already at about a month he was smiling in response to a gooing and gagaing him! He is a very alert baby and is awake majority of the day and he is only 6 weeks, its crazy! He also makes some of the funniest faces. Almost like he is surprised...its hilarious!

And Logan...a bundle of joy! He cracks me up...he has energy for days and is very stubborn! But is a sweet boy. He has been into looking cool like daddy and wearing his hat backwards with sunglasses and building forts with daddy. Every time I take out the camera to take a picture of Cael, Logan always has to have a picture of him too. Its funny! Logan is such a sweetheart and always says that he loves Cael. Quick little story....

I was getting dressed and was in a hurry and Cael got hungry. So I put his little seat next to the bathroom so I could see him and propped a bottle up for him to eat. Well the bottle fell out and I heard him start to cry...then stop pretty quick. I look over and I see Logan there. He had gone and picked up the bottle and continued to feed Cael. I said to him "Thank you Logan" and He responded by saying "Your welcome Mommy", "I love Cael." It was too cute!

The many sleeping positions of Cael. This child has never liked being bundled up. He always wants to be sprawled out. And his favorite place to do this is on our bed. It is quite funny! But he can sleep for hours like that!

He is also so alert. The above pictures of him looking at the little toys above his head on the swing he is only about a month there and is already looking at things. It is crazy how alert he is. Another thing he likes to look at is the ceiling fan.

Cael is also really strong. When I put him on his tummy he practically can lift his little head all the way up. And he starts using his legs like he is gonna start crawling!

He is a big boy. I'm anxious to see how much he weighs at his 2 month appointment! He seriously eats like every hour and poos like no other child I have seen! Most people who see him think that he is at least three months old...but really hes only a month and a half!! Its crazy!


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