Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Science Time!

A few weeks ago my friend Crystal and her son Andrew (who is the same age as Logan) went to the Science Center and the Natural History Museum down in L.A. It was a ton of fun and the boys had a blast together. Let me tell you the Science Center is way cool but swarming with little field trip children and is a mad house! At the Natural History Museum there was a show and it was a huge animatronic/puppet dinosaur! It was the coolest moved around like a dinosaur and it even roared really loud! So when the dinosaur came out I was regretting the fact that Logan's favorite movie was Jurassic Park because when that thing came out Logan started balling and was so scared. He thought that it was real and was going to eat him!! Since I was in the back with Cael, Crystal had to explain to Logan that it was a puppet in order to calm him down. (Not sure if he believed her!) So I guess when he watched Jurassic Park next time it will be a little scarier!


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