Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is that really my child?

So I was looking at Cael today and I thought to myself, "Are you really my child?!" He has such a fair complection, has light brown hair, and has blue eyes! I decided to go back and look at some pictures of Logan at the same age and compare because when you look at them together now they don't look related. Logan is so tan and has brown hair and brown eyes. Well when I compare they look at lot more a like when I compare them at the same age....Cael just has lighter features. But they both have Bobby's eyes, brow and I guess that makes them look more alike! I'm anxious to see what Cael will look like a little further in the future.....Below are the pics....

So last week we took Cael for his 2 month check up, here are his stats:

Weight: A whopping 13lbs

Height: 23inches

Head: 15cm not quite as big as Logan's was

He's our little chunky monkey!

Logan at 2 months

Cael at 2 months
You be the judge!



elegyrl said...

No matter what they are both way too cute!

Robert said...

Cael looks just like Bobby's mom!