Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Long Night!

Well Monday night was an experience for our little family. Earlier that day I noticed that Logan had started coughing and getting a runny nose, so I had given him some benedryl thinking that it would help. Boy was I wrong! Later that night, he wouldn't eat and was feeling very hot. And I mean hot!!! He started with a fever of 101.9, which I was worried but thought it wasn't too bad. Bobby came and gave him a blessing and I noticed that he was able to sleep a little better. But, about an hour after he started getting warmer and almost hallucinating while he tried to sleep. I took his temperature again and it was 105.2! I thought that I must have done it wrong but when I tried again it said 104.9! So I got worried, of course we had no tylenol or motrin. So I woke Bobby up (it was about 11:30pm) and I said that we needed to take him to the hospital. So he called the hospital and they said to go ahead give him the tylenol and motrin and bring him in. So we packed up and headed to the pharmacy. While Bobby was in getting the medication, Logan threw up all over himself! So Bobby came out and we had to take Logan's jammies off and wrap Bobby's sweatshirt around him. Luckily we were 2 minutes from the hospital. So we got there and hadn't even been able to give him the medicine yet.

So they checked us in (it was about 12am) and gave Logan the tylenol and motrin. They took his temperature and it was still 104. (They had to take it the not so pleasant way twice! Poor Logan he was so tramatized!) SO we then had to wait and the doctor said that he wanted to take an x-ray of his chest to see what was causing the fever. Poor Logan was dosing on and off and was so tired. So finally we went and they took x-rays of his chest, while he screamed and cried in the process. After the doctor came back and told us that Logan had some pnuemonia and a slight case of croup!!! I felt so bad for the little man he was just miserable! So they gave him his first dose of antibiotics and gave us the prescription. After one last measuring of the temperature (which finally went down to 100.5) They sent us home. We ended up leaving the hospital at about 3:30am!!! Luckily Logan passed out in the car and ended up sleeping pretty well that night. He has been on the antibiotics and yesterday his fever slightly came back up, but after an hour went back down. Today he is feeling much better, he just has a bad cough and runny nose and is slightly fatigued. He is eating which is good!

Bobby and I had to giggle in the end and thought well I guess you have to experience a hospital trip like that once with all of your kids!! Thankfully ours ended well!



Heather and Spencer said...

Poor little guy...poor you too! Glad he is doing better! I am hoping we can avoid one of those far so good. We just have to deal with asthma daily, hoping that is the worst of it!

Robert & Bethany said...

Oh poor Logan! Maybe that's why he was acting a little down when I saw you at Target. I have his birthday present, I'll need to drop it off for you.