Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Sunday

For easter we did both of our families. First, we went to Bobby's family's house and had breakfast. We did an easter egg hunt (that involves money!) And we got majority of it.....but the eggs were not easy to find! There are too many good spots at Grandma and Grandpa Pollard's house and Garrett made sure to not make it easy! There was also a hunt with clues for all our easter baskets that Diane so graciously gave to us. We were definitely spoiled! Then the boys had a little fun with the squirt guns that came in their easter bags and after the kids enjoyed playing with the bubbles that they recieved. After that we went to my mom's home for dinner. It was very relaxing and pleasant. So much so that I was so relaxed I didn't have the energy to take more pics. It was great because my Brother Nathan is in town for spring break and it was nice to have the whole family together. The dinner was great and Kierra and Logan had fun playing together. All in all it was a wonderful easter sunday!

On the hunt for the easter baskets and clue number 1 was in the suitcase...

Logan blowing bubbles....too cute!

Water gun fight....Unfortunately Grandpa Bob was at the other end of all those guns!

Daddy and Logan looking at their easter baskets...(Yes, Logan did not put those dragons down for one second!)

Daddy and Logan on the easter egg hunt.

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Aria said...

how fun! I love scavenger hunts on Easter. But where are the pictures of YOU, Ash? I want to see the baby bump! :)