Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve was so much fun. We went to Bob and Diane's house and my Mom, Grandma, and two brothers also came along. We had some good dinner!!! And played a bunch of fun games. Bobby and Garrett's cousin Danny came down to see us all and dressed up like santa and everyone got to sit and ask him for something. Logan was not too excited. For some reason he is terrified to get near santa. (its kinda funny) All in all it was a good time!

Hard to see but Grandpa was holding logan and he fell asleep. All the excitement wore him out!

Me...wishing for the next child to sleep perfect every night! HA HA

Bob and Diane sharing their time with Santa.

Logan acting like Santa is torturing him!!! I guess the white beard doesn't look friendly! Maybe next year he'll smile!

Great Grandma sharing Santa time with Nathan and Bradley. The boys are so big they hardly fit!

Pa telling Santa what he wants...maybe a John Deere robe!?

Bobby with Santa....isn't it cute!

My mother-n-laws beautifully decorated family room. You should see the rest of the house!!!!

Ma with Santa asking Santa to finish the John Deere robe that she wants to give him for Christmas!

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