Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas was a lot of fun. First, we woke up and opened presents. Logan just loved unwrapping all the gifts, including mine and bobby's! Then it was off to breakfast at Ma & Pa's where Bob and Diane cooked a wonderful breakfast. We then followed by opening gifts. After that we headed back to my moms house where my family was getting together to have a dinner. We all played some fun games that my mom had gotten for us to play!!! However Bobby and I didn't win too many prizes....I think it was rigged! We also opened gifts and enjoyed eachothers company! It was a wonderful time and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Bobby's Christmas present....a new truck!

The incredibly long star wars gun that my mom gave to Logan for this day still hasn't put it down!

Tearing open the gifts!

Looking at gifts with Great Grandma...

Enjoying his Robot that he got from Grandma and Pa Pa Pollard

Opening his Mickey Mouse Club House Choo Choo from Grandma & Pa Pa Pollard.

Bob and Diane in the Kitchen slaving away!

Logan managed to convince Ma to let him bring down the Noah's ark boat that is filled with loose animals. Logan loved it!

After opening all the gifts that morning Logan just had to give his Daddy a great big hug!!!

Opening gifts from Santa

Opening Mommy's gifts from Santa!

Enjoying one of his books that he got for Christmas

Daddy and Logan just waking up before opening presents!!!

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