Monday, October 19, 2009

Exciting Updates!

So it has been awhile since I have last posted anything. So much has happened. Bobby a few months ago got a job with the City of Pasadena in the Department of Water and Power. Its is so great. THe pay is awesome, benefits are awesome, every other friday off is awesome and so much more. He is also working so hard to get a promotion as an apprentice in the next year. He is getting his A license and taking climbing school and will be taking classes. He is so amazing. Logan and I are so blessed! I'm not working full time anymore and I've cut my hours back to part time which has been great and with our exciting news I will eventually be cuttin all my hours!!! Yep We ARE EXPECTING!!!! Yes we have a little bun in the oven. We are so excited!!!! THe baby couldn't come at a better time! Logan is so excited he likes to walk around saying "Logan is the big brother" it is too cute!!! Here is what some think the babies gender:
Bobby: Boy
Ashley: Girl
Mom (Karen): Girl
Kellyn: Girl
Nathan: Boy
Bradley: Girl
So what do you think it will be???????


Aria said...

Oh, my gosh ASHLEY!!! Congratulations! I can't wait to find out the gender. Little Logan will be such a great big brother. Hmm...I'm thinkin' it will be a little girl. But either way, you guys make the cutest little kiddos around! Congrats!

Julia Everts said...

Yay for exciting news! When is your due date? There is something in the water for sure cause everyone is pregnant!! P.S. where did you get that font?! I need to have it!

Heather and Spencer said...

I vote girl...that way Ryan can have a little girlfriend. Congrats again!

Hibler House said...

Congrats Ashley! I think it will be a girl- or I'll just wish that it's a girl so you can see how awesome they are. Yay! When are you due, and how are you feeling? I hope you're doing good. Enjoy Logan for now, two is tough, but SO worth it. You'll need all those hours off from work too, it's exhausting!

Crystal said...

I'm gonna vote boy! Just wishful thinking....I've decided to channel my baby cravings through you! hehehe

Robert and Bethany Pearson said...

You and I both better be having girls! Love you Ash! I am so happy for you guys, but of course you already knew that.

Bonnie said...

That is exciting! Congrats. When are you due? I think it will be a boy.