Monday, October 19, 2009

Disney...Mickey Mouse!!!

A few weeks ago my Mom bought tickets for all of us to go and see the Disney Live show!!! Logan loved it because it had woody, buzz, jesse, tigger, mickey and donald who are some of his favorite characters. It was a lot of fun and Logan and Kierra were dancing all over the place. And now everytime logan sees a stage he says "Mickey's coming," I then feel bad and have to disappoint him by telling him that Mickey's not here today!!! He then responds "See Mickey tomorrow!" So now Logan is all hyped up on Mickey Mouse. And this saturday for Diane's birthday we are taking her to Disneyland and Logan cannot wait. He keeps saying "Go to Disneyland?", "See Mickey?" It is the cutest thing. Diane has been gone for 6 weeks so it will be fun to go and spend time there. I know logan will love it. So we went to WalMart and Logan saw the Mickey Mouse hoodie that he has on. He had to get it and when we got home he had to watch mickey mouse club house. He is a funny kid!!

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