Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lombardi Ranch

A week ago before All Hallows Eve...Bobby, Logan and I went to the pumpking patch with...Grandpa & Grandma Pollard...Wes, Nikki & Tay....Logan had so much fun. He loved the train ride they had that went through a field of sunflowers (eventhough the heat killed most of them) they also had all these scarecrows that had been made over the was really cute. Logan also loved the animals...he gets a kick out of them. Then logan and daddy found the perfect little pumpkin for logan (little did we know that like in one day the pumpkin would practically melt and get all mushy and gross!) But it was a fun time...I think logan and Taylor always have a good time together.

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Angel y Brandae Rossini said...

How adorable! I am so impatient to have kids to have fun like you guys!