Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Hallows Eve!

All Hallows Eve.....we went out to Wes & Nikki's home....their neighborhood had a block party so it was great for the kids to be able to run around.....Logan was a lion...a cute one I might add! I made the some of the costume and the main part I got from our old neighbor...he had a lot of fun in it! Bobby wore his skeleton shirt and I wore a mummy shirt and attempted to make my face and hair look like an old egyptian queen (not quite sure if it worked) It was fun...Grandpa pollard brought out his rubberband guns and it was a hit with everyone.


Heather and Spencer said...

Glad you got Logan to finally put on the lion costume! Both the skeleton and lion costumes looked really cute on him!

Nikki said...

Your pics turned out better than mine. I have one of the two of them trick or treating from the back. Ugh.