Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkins and Parades!

Oh the Holidays! Logan has been going to preschool and last Wednesday was their field trip to the pumpkin patch! Logan had so much fun with all the kids.....they did the tractor a pumpkin....saw all the animals and had some snacks! There was a incredibly huge tractor their that they tuned into a slide which every kid loved. We also took a shot in front of one of the John Deere tractors just for Pa! Cael had a good time too!!! And was an awesome sport!

Also that friday was Logan's preschool Halloween party and Costume Parade! It was too cute! All the kids looked so adorable...there were two cowboys....two skeletons...two iron mans.....and a million princesses! I also took video of it cuz they had some fun Halloween music to it.....Logan is the little cute skeleton with the mask!!!


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