Thursday, February 11, 2010


So I thought I would post this because my little man Logan got his first major black eye. So bad that it also had a gash too. In the morning during the week Logan and I go for walks to the park. While we were there Logan was running around and climbing up everything. I saw him slide down the big slide and then I turned my head to look at my phone. When I look back over Logan comes running to me crying saying "Mommy, Mommy I hurt myself. I bump my head." So I immediately pick him up and comfort him. I take a look at his face and didn't see anything there. So after a few minutes he stopped crying and went back to playing. From a distance I could see that his left eye looked a little funny. So I called him over and yep it was SUPER swollen and then I noticed he had blood gushing from it. So then and there we walked all the way home. I think because mommy became more concerned Logan cried more and said it hurt really bad and that it made him tired. So for those of you who know Logan well you know he likes to take off running and not look where he is going. There have been many other times when he could have received a black eye. This time he had gone down the slide, gotten off and proceed to dart over to the stairs. In doing so, he ran under the jungle gym and ran right into a pole! So here he has a black eye and a cute for a battle wound! He would not shut his eye while he was awake so I took this picture when he was asleep! You can really see the cut but the picture doesn't do the swelling or the bruising justicePoor thing!

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