Friday, July 10, 2009

Pirate Party!

So my brother Nathan came down from florida....for those of you who don't know he is up there going to school up there for special effects in movies...I'm not sure what the term is for it and i'm sure he'll correct me when he sees this, but he is doing really great and is really advanced. So much so that everyone asks him for help and he is recognized by his teachers as a top student! Awesome! Anyways he was down here for a week (being on a accelerated program where you get you bachelor degree in two years) thats all he gets.

So while he was down we tried to do as many fun things as possible. The friday, July 3rd, my mom, Nathan, Bradley, kellyn, her friend Mila, Bobby and I went to go see the Priate Show down in Brea! Let me tell ya it was tons of fun. Bradley, Kellyn, Mila, Bobby and I all got called down to do something in the show........Below is some video from that night......its quite funny!

Six guys were picked from each pirate color...Bobby was one of them! He had to take a bean bag and get four of our rows to pass it along...He had to cheer and yell and do all sorts of things to get them to move it fast. It's pretty funny! Once you got to the end he had to grab the bean bag and run down the stairs and then toss it up to the pirate who then swings across the rope. The first one to get there wins. Well Bobby definitely by far threw it to our pirate before all the others but I think so that our pirate didn't win everything he kind of piddle paddle around for the others to catch up so we ended up getting a tie...Lamo!!! Bobby totally won!

Bradley also got to go down and when they were doing the big pirate seen he got to dress up like a pirate and lug a big treasure chest of gold along with a bunch of other was quite funny...didn't get it on video, but wish I had.

This is video of Kellyn and I getting to do the raise the flag race! It was the two of us and another girl and we had to run to the treasure chests and pull out the flag and run to our stations and hoist the flags to the top. Once all three of our flags were up our pirate got to swing to the center......And YES we WON! Of course what else would you expect! We even brought home our marti gras necklace that we won or the "treasure" (that's what they called it!

Mila also got chosen and she had to hold the pirate flag and then had to toss these bean bags up to our pirate who had to swing back and forth and put them in the basket....whoever got all six in first won.....And guess what......They WON! To cool for school! I wasn't able to get the video for it but it was awesome!!!!

All in all it was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it a bunch! Oh ya and we were the awesome red team!

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