Saturday, May 30, 2009

Really I am Alive!

Sorry again for the long times in between posts. I have just been so busy!! Work and baby and family trips and church callings really take up a lot of time. But I am so grateful for buying busy and productive. Life is really good for our little Pollard family. Logan is growing so fast!!! He is getting so smart too. He can count to ten and say all his abc's and he can tell each one when written on a paper. He also know when his name is written. He can tell shapes and some colors. I can't believe seems like yesterday I was in the Hospital!!! My little man is also a wrestler and a bit of a fighter...but aren't all boys!!! He he Anyways he is doing great and growing fast. My husband Bobby is the best Husband. I love him to pieces. He really looks out for our family and is so close to Heavenly Father. I love it. He is hardworking and has a caring heart for everyone, even those who hurt him. He is the man....not to mention a hottie!!!he he Anyways our family is doing awesome....just really busy with life and hopefully I will be able to keep up on my posting a little better!!!!

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