Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whats your name?

I am going to do a tag that my friend Jessica looks like a lot of here it goes!

1. Your Rock star name: (first pet and current car)

Bunny Expedition

2. Your Rock star tour name: ("The" + Favorite hobby/craft, Favorite weather element + "Tour")

The Designin Rain Tour

3. Your gangsta name: (favorite ice cream, favorite cookie)

Chocolate Macadamian nut

4. Your fly girl name: (first intial of first name, first three letters in last name)

A. Pol

5. Your detective name: (favorite color, favorite animal)

Blue Tiger

6. Your soap opera name: (middle name, city where you where born)

Marie Van Nuys

7. Your star wars name: (first three letters of last name, first two letters of first)


8. Your Super hero name: ("The" + second favorite color, favorit drink)

The green slushy

9. Nascar name: (first names of your grandfathers)

Don Daniel

10. Stripper name: (favorite perfume, favorite candy)

Heavenly snicker

11. Witness protection name: (mother's and father's middle names)

Marie Nathaniel

12. TV weather anchor name: (5th grade teachers name, major city that starts with the same letter)

Turner Temecula

13. Spy name: (favorite season, favorite flower)

Winter lily

14. Cartoon Name: (favorite fruit, article of clothing wearing right now + ie or y)

Pinapple Tanky

15. Hippy name: (what you ate for breakfast, favorit tree)

Pops cedar

It was fun you guys should all do this!

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Jessica Kay said...

haha, yours was funny.